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XT070 Multiple Foam Densifier

Think small... & Versatile.

Densify all the foam waste you have... and save.

The Compact Versatile XT70 Multiple Foam Densifier by RecycleTech is designed to be installed in smaller places, and to process EPS, EPP, EPE & PSP wastes including food trays* and foam cups & containers.

Our clients are not only saving thousands of dollars daily on their waste hauling cost, but also generating income with our foam densifiers!

Jirah will buy back 100% of your densified foam material!

  • Applications
    • Schools, hospitals, and organizations with cafeterias
    • Small-sized warehouses/retail stores
    • Grocery markets
  • Why XT70
    • Processes Multiple Materials (i.e. Food trays*, containers, and EPE packagin blocks)
    • Compact size fits smaller spaces
    • Competitvely priced / Cost effective
    • Easy to move around (Can be mounted on a truck to form a Mobile Foam Recycling Station)

* Food containers need to be free of food waste